Despite my infatuation with fire and water, I have always felt most connected to the earth.  Though I can watch a coal bed dance all night long or find peace sitting in the dark hearing the waves of the ocean crash on the cliffs, attached to the earth is where I find myself most at peace.  My playground growing up stretched from Santa Fe, New Mexico all the way to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  I found myself running around in the forest starting early in the morning and even on until the dark hours at times.  I hiked over terrain deemed impassible, I bouldered up cliff faces made of pumice that should have required ropes at best.  I climbed mountains in hip-deep snow. 

Now that I'm an adult there are times when I look back and scratch my head, wondering how I survived.  The only reason has to be my connection with the earth.  I remember one time when I felt it important to run away from an area as quickly as possible.  Even my dog looked anxious.  As Shadow and I got back to our car, I spotted two bear cubs and an angry mother bear headed our way.  I remember many times feeling what I can only describe as a hand of God reaching down to touch me.  It was a peaceful energy, an addicting energy.  Still today some of my most favorite places are those where I feel that spiritual connection to the energy of the earth.

Sometimes though, I feel like a monster spawned from the earth.  Sometimes I feel like the living dead girl, wandering around unable to fully die or live.  Sometimes I feel like the nocturnal vampire strolling the wilderness late at night.  Sometimes I feel like the cracked earth, waiting for the soothing rain but keeping track of everything as I myself am frozen in time.  Sometimes I feel like the demonic presence unworthy of the loving energy around me because of how imperfect and hostile I have been in my life.  I have been wounded; I have been burned. And I have fangs.  But I am still a creature of the earth.
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04/30/2017 12:56am

The photo looks really scary! As a photographer, it's really an honor to achieve such concept perfectly. Obviously, you slayed this photo shoot! Though it's really not appropriate for all age, you have shown your strength to pull off a great and unique concept. I admire you for that! Keep posting photos of your various photo shoot sessions!


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