by J. Rae Chip

I finally became famous. There was a reddit thread talking about my work. That's all fine and dandy, but when it crosses over to encouraging people to break federal copyright law and screw over the artists... that's when it gets blogged about. 
I see the moderators have since changed the wording to exclude the phrase where they told users to upload content to Imgur, but I have a screen shot of it from before. The post has allegedly been deleted, but it seems that the link is still supported as pointing to the post. So if you are a delusional artist, you probably want to scour Imgur looking for your work where it is not supposed to be.
So the good thing is that they are no longer encouraging people to steal photos from artists. However, that does nothing for the people who have already had their work uploaded to Imgur without their consent.

If you find your work on Imgur because of this forum or another, write to this e-mail address requesting it get removed:

And as always... register your work at the federal copyright office.


12/04/2013 10:45am

redditor here. i wouldn't take it too personally. this is what people on reddit do. find shit to make fun of, whether it deserves it or not. it's the fun of the internet.

congrats on the exposure

J Rae Chip (owner)
12/04/2013 3:45pm

Hi Redditor.
Thanks. I wasn't really offended by people talking about me. It happens. But I was upset about the theft of my property, which has now been rectified :)

Thanks for the support.


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