by J. Rae Chip

We all know that one guy.... that one a$$hole, who always seems to make money off photography while everyone else struggles to find business. Well wonder no longer, I've discovered his secret! In fact, there are several different types of successful people.

1) The arrogant bastard.
There's that one guy who makes more sales than you because he takes advantage of you! There's always that one guy who posts a link to his blog post on your social media post, taking the audience away from your website and re-directing them to his. He always knows what's best for everyone, and if people disagree with him, well nobody ever has, so we don't know what would happen.

2) The mediocre photographer.
Ever see someone's work and say, "Dammit... why are people praising him so much. My work is so much better!" Well he's a marketing genius. He's constantly running ads, making friends, and well maybe he's already famous for something else in his community. The fact of the matter is that you CAN do better work than him, but for some reason you don't like to brag about it as much to other people.

3) The yay-sayer.
This ass-kisser is always talking about how awesome every piece of gear is, how awesome social media sites are, and how lovely his own excrement smells (and by the way yours smells nice too.) Every camera lens is perfect, and he knows this before he has even used one. Sometimes he knows this before the lens even comes out for purchase. Because he's so good at talking about how awesome everything is, companies promote him so that their customers can see his promotion of their products (and then be disappointed later when it turns out to be a load of bull.)

4) The whiney b%$ch
This guy complains about complaining. He's always whining, and his complaining has become a successful alter-ego. Drama sells, and he is FULL of drama. Everyone either thinks he's a jerk, or maybe a woman pretending to be a man. Everyone hates him, but for some reason, people listen to what he has to say. Blogs and journalists seek his negativity, and he is more than willing to feed it to them.

5) That one lucky guy.
There's always one. One in five successful people have worked hard and are nice enough people to truly deserve to be successful in the way they are. (Note: That statistic is completely made up.) But we all know that one, sweet person who drives a Lamborghini, lives in a mansion, and has worked hard for every penny. We hate that guy! But he's so nice, and that just makes us hate him more, because we want to say he doesn't deserve that kind of fame, but he does! He even offered to take you for a ride in his car, and that just makes you hate him more.

So there you go. The ultimate recipe for success at photography:
One part arrogance
One part mediocre work
One part ass-kissing
One part complaining
And a little bit of luck

Now, go be successful!


11/28/2012 2:24am

I know exactly who "that one guy" is.

11/30/2012 8:23pm

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11/30/2012 8:23pm

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