Despite some new eloquence with the words spoken by Governor Romney, President Obama was the winner of Wednesday night’s debate by a narrow margin. The loser was the moderator.

Three topics of four were covered. The last module had to be omitted because the two candidates spoke about the three previous categories for much longer than the allotted time slots. However, the economy, 
health care, and the role of government are clearly very important topics for this debate.

Concerning the economy, both candidates expressed a desire to help small businesses, but in different ways. In fact, both candidates had different definitions of small business. We didn’t get a clear feel for each definition, though President Obama mentioned that under Romney’s definition, Donald Trump was a small business. 

The federal government defines a small business as any business that employs less than 500 people. Therefore, there are many different businesses of all types (corporations, sole-proprietorships, and partnerships alike) that would fit that category. 

The Trump Organization employs 22,000 people, but Trump also runs a number of smaller companies that employ less than 500 people and are considered by the federal government to be small businesses. 

Both the president and Governor Romney have plans to reduce the deficit. Romney wants to lower taxes and claims that the tax cuts would not be for the wealthy but for the middle class working families. 

Romney also wants to cut every social program he thinks is unworthy of borrowing money from China. He stated he would go through each one and decide personally.

The president pointed out that simply cutting taxes and funding for some social programs did not produce enough revenue to pay for the new expenditures Romney had planned. This includes a $2 trillion boost to the defense budget that, according to the president, the military did not even ask for.

President Obama claimed he would reduce the deficit by overhauling tax deductions on the rich, making sure the Bush-era tax breaks would not get extended, and by asking the very rich Americans to pay more in taxes. 

Romney claimed the National Federation of Independent Businesses had earlier stated Obama’s plan would kill jobs.

On the topic of health care, Romney was predictably critical of the president’s Affordable Care Act otherwise known as “Obamacare.” However, the President claimed Obamacare was a bipartisan decision modeled after the Governor’s own plan enacted in Romney’s own state of Massachusetts.

The president claimed Romney intends to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and Romney claimed the president was cutting funding to Medicare. 

Romney defended this by stating that his intent was to create some capitalistic competition in the healthcare market. However, Obama claimed that would kill Medicare by further segregating the social classes. 

Romney wants to leave the health care issue for each state to handle individually, claiming more government regulation is not good for America.

The fact is, that capitalistic health care, otherwise known as private insurance companies, has not been working, hence the demand from Americans to nationalize health care. 

Romney stated that if Obamacare were not repealed, hospitals would take fewer patients. 

Romney also claimed that Obama, despite having promised Americans that healthcare would cost $2,500 less each year, has now inflicted a $2,500 cost increase on healthcare and has put the people in a situation where a government board decides what kind of treatment they will receive.

The president rebutted that statement, stating "The board will not be able to dictate what kind of treatment people will get. That is prohibited by the law." 

Obama stated there is an 18% lower group rate, but that richer Americans can afford to pay a little bit more. Obama admitted the healthcare premiums are rising, but claimed they are rising at a slower rate than they have in the past 50 years. 

The president stated that if Obamacare were repealed, senior citizens would immediately have to pay at least $600 more for prescriptions. 

Governor Romney never went into specifics about how his healthcare plan is and how it is different than Obamacare, but he emphatically stated that he would repeal Obamacare on his first day in office if elected. Romney said he would replace it with his own plan.

When the President claimed Romney’s plan would not help people with pre-existing medical conditions, Romney admitted that the President seemed to have done his homework and researched the Romney plan. However, the public still did not get a statement about what exactly Romney’s plan is.

Concerning education, Romney reminded the world that his state (Mass.) is ranked first in the country, but like with other issues, Romney did not clearly state what his plan was to help education. Instead, he brought up Sesame Street and stated that the federal government should not have a big role in the education system.

Romney later stated that federal dollars should be able to help the state-level education funds. Romney also stated that the federal government and American people should grade each school on the school’s performance.

The president reminded the public that he cut-out the banks as the middle men for student loans, saving millions. Obama wants to make sure the children can go to good schools no matter the income level of their parents. He intends to insure this will happen by providing federal dollars to children who need it.

Romney agreed, actually, stating that the federal money assisting state education should follow the children and not be given to the state governments.

Obama stated Romney would ultimately end up cutting the education budget by 20%. Romney countered that claim by sharing that President Obama invested $90 million in green energy companies. Romney stated that a lot of those companies funded Obama’s campaign, and they have since gone bankrupt, implying it was waste of taxpayer money.

Romney criticized the president for not investing that $90 million in teachers, stating he believed teachers to be the backbone of a good education.

The president’s closing statement was one speaking of hope for America, and Romney’s closing statement spoke about Obama’s shortcomings.


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