The Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 has a "flare problem." Well, I have taken that "problem" and experimented with it enough to now determine that it is not a problem, but an attribute. Used with correct white balance settings, the flare from the lens can be used to create a very interesting effect in photographs.

This is a photo I took of Cake, the band. In need of producing something unique, I took this lens in my bag. When I realized there was a white light that kept hitting me, I decided to time it for this shot! I had to take a few to discover the Kelvin temperature of the light, but this is what I ended up with, and it is a home run!

I encourage people to explore the capabilities of everything they have in their bag. It may seem to others like you're an idiot, using the wrong thing (As it seemed since I was using a flarey lens), but nobody else will produce something with that amount of creativity. When photographing bands, or people in general, creativity is what sets you apart from your peers.
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09/06/2012 9:16am

These are one of the few posts that I actually care to comment on. I find this blogger an inspiration and is definitely worth following. I've became a subscriber too, so please keep me updated.

09/07/2012 10:58am

Hey thanks! That's a very good complement :)

10/04/2012 12:18pm

I think your flared photo of the Cake band is a great photo of the flare but not the band. Why not use a non-flared lens and shoot clear pictures of your subject, and you can have the option of using filters for flare effect, or introduce it later in Photoshop. I think it is specially true in Photojournalism where you try to get as much information in one picture to tell the story. Great picture of the flare though, specially catching it at the right moment when it came on. Perfect timing.

J. Rae (Author)
03/17/2013 2:30pm

Hi Mike.
I have a lot of other photos of Cake without the flare. :) This was not an assignment for journalism, but for the band, and they liked the one with the flare on it. Thanks for the question.


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