I've been using this new software called Tyfromagnicon, and it works for pretty much any photo I shoot. I used it on a portrait, landscape, cityscape, waterscape, on a cat and even on a macro shot of a flower.

I think its HDR capabilities are the best available, as it has the capability to make a scene look like it was taken anywhere, including places that exist only in one's imagination. And you don't have to spend any time in photoshop. Composites are way easier, and take only a few seconds.

The flower picture I used it with was out of focus, but Tyfromagnicon was able to make it in focus. If you take the shot and later decide that you should have taken a few steps to the right or left, Tyfromagnicon also has a slider for that. It also has a very useful feature of being able to make anyone look like Megan Fox. It is for this reason that I find it to be of the utmost use for my work. I don't need to use lights to make anyone look attractive anymore, and I don't need to know anything about the settings on my camera. I can just snap away against any backdrop and Tyfromagnicon can change it! Everyone must buy it, or else you can't be a serious professional photographer.

Because I wrote this snazzy review, and because you're nice and decided to read it, the TyfroStore is offering a 50% discount on new purchases with this code: ekaf43 si6 siht 


03/25/2013 7:04pm

Damn you! Yea I'm "that" person. very funny


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