by J. Rae Chip

Hello everyone!!

I'd like to issue a formal thanks to everyone who pre-ordered my book about lighting basics for portrait photographers. It is in the finishing stages and getting edited. I asked my editor in chief to look over my wording, just to make sure it is perfect. Often times when people author something, they overlook their own errors to grammar, word omissions, etc. and don't catch it because they know what they meant to say. I want to make sure my book is perfect so you get your money worth of reading. (Want the book??? ORDER IT NOW!)

Up next after that book release will be (hopefully) my photographic essay about Egypt.

And brewing in the back-burners at this stage is something that a lot of people will be interested in: my documentary about the zombie apocalypse as it happened in America. The premise of the book is to illustrate with my naked zombies (Don't know what a naked zombie is? Watch this video to find out!) while providing historical information about the places where the zombies attacked. I want to create an adult history book :)

Here are two shots of Eva that I intend to include in the naked zombies book. The rest...... you'll have to buy the book to see =D

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