While visiting Egypt, I remember wondering how the livestock got onto these islands in the middle of the Nile River. Most times I could see a narrow stretch of land making it almost a peninsula, but this one in particular looked to have deep waters completely surrounding it. It was a long way from any of the main shores, yet there were livestock on this island. This photograph was taken from a boat near Luxor.

The shelters pictured are for the livestock and not for people. Most people in this area lived in more-established structures made of bricks.
One of the reasons for the Egyptian Revolution was a poor economy in which most of the income of the country was hoarded by the upper class, which were mostly oil companies or government officials. This man is living in an unfinished apartment in Edfu, Egypt, a common problem within the entire country. The government has no law requiring landlords to complete a building before they rent it out, and unless a building is complete, they don't have to pay taxes. Essentially, it is an incentive for rich property owners to never finish a building they are renting to poorer Egyptians. They are instead rewarded by not having to pay taxes! This is something many Egyptians hope will change with the new regime after the downfall of Hosni Mubarak.