I've been using my pair of Alienbees B800 professional strobe lights for about a year now, so it's about time I write about them.

Things I love about them:
  1. They're light!
  2. They're also constructed in a sturdy manner.*
  3. Very consistent light output, and great color consistency as well.
  4. Awesome price for the value of the lights. (There are better lights out there, but these are a great light for the value they sell for.)
  5. They come in different colors. This means that the photographer could, if he wants, purchase one in two different colors and color-code the flash outputs.
  6. Paul Buff has outstanding customer service
  7. I have not had to replace a flash tube yet and I bring them to some ridiculous places.
  8. They fit standard light stand sizes (you wouldn't believe that some lights from other companies in similar price ranges actually don't!)
  9. Very easy light for beginners to use.
  10. The gel kits are easy to use.
  11. The recycle rate! It's a very useful rate, and I've never needed (well at least not yet) a quicker recycle rate for my shots.
  12. The flash duration! 
Some inconveniences:
  1. I wish they came with a bag to carry them in.
  2. The light metering can at times vary by 1/3 stop. To me this is not so important, but to some photographers it could be a big deal.
  3. The power cord / sync ports could be made a bit better. Some photographers change them out, but really they work fine as they are made. I've never had issues with malfunctions, but some complain about the inconvenience.
  4. If something does happen to break, it's hard to find the part anywhere except if you order it straight from Paul Buff.

* I have taken my Alienbees lights to a lot of places without incident, and think it is important to discuss this. The most important incident to note was when I was shooting in Nevada and there was a strong EMF pulse. This pulse damaged my laptop, destroyed my Canon 50D, destroyed my cell phone, and demolished my Hollywood Stage spot lamp. However, the Alienbees light that was being used was not damaged by the pulse. 

I took my Alienbees to Egypt, and they had to ride in my checked luggage because of carry-on limitations. They made it all the way there and back without breaking. I carried one of them around in my pack for a few days. I dropped the pack on accident and the light did not break.