As a general rule I expect to get paid for my work, but I am legally authorizing this article AND photo (together only and as they are only) to be used by any San Diego news agencies or the San Diego Police without compensation as long as I receive credit for my work by mention of my name and/or business name.

There was an emergency scene outside Fluxx Nightclub on 4th Street in downtown San Diego while this photojournalist was working on a different project capturing the San Diego night life and homeless population for Jessica Rae Photography's (my business) annual "Photography to Combat Homelessness" charity. The fire crew were happy to be a part of the photos, and out of courtesy for them, I stayed out of the way and made sure their faces were unidentifiable. I did not photograph the injured girl out of respect for her privacy. The manager of the Fluxx Nightclub came outside to tell me that I was not allowed to take photos outside the club. (Anyone is fully within the law to take photographs of anything visible from a public street.) After calling the cops, the manager stated that the cops were not going to do anything about it (presumably because I was not in the wrong). He then attempted multiple times to fling the camera out of my hands and damage my personal and business property. He shone the flashlight into my lens to ruin every shot afterward, and even followed me down the street doing that for some time.

Upon further pressure toward him, I discovered that the "manager" did not want me photographing there NOT because of the injured girl, whose privacy I respected, but because he did not want any evidence of his letting underage girls into his club. I had another photographer with me who would be willing to verify this statement by the "manager." No wonder the Fluxx Nightclub is the most popular club in San Diego!